I primarily offer Animal Communication consultations, and consider this to be my life's work.

I have extensive training in Integrated Energy Therapy and Angel Therapy. If this type of assistance is indicated and requested, that may be part of the session or of a separate session. 

Animal communication is not a substitute for veterinary care or any other kind of professional medical care.  Part of a session may be sensing where and how an animal is feeling discomfort, and  I will let you know these impressions, but I do not diagnose or treat any kind of medical problems. Please consult with your veterinarian for any physical difficulties your animal may be experiencing.

Animal communication is not a substitute for a caring relationship, good food, clean water, exercise and appropriate behavioral training when necessary. The specific needs in these areas will vary with each individual animal, and a consultation can be helpful in determining what would be most helpful for your animal from their point of view. Together you can determine what would constitute a good plan, and where you may need other professionals' assistance.

I do not consider myself  a “psychic” and I do not predict the future, tell you what to do, tell your animal what to do, or manipulate or control anyone. I am not qualified to answer questions about medical, psychological, financial, or legal issues. Every reading is subject to your own interpretation and in no way constitutes - nor is intended to replace - medical, psychological, legal, financial, business or other professional advice. Physician/veterinary attention should be sought for people or their animals with health concerns of any kind - mental, physical or emotional.

Please exercise loving common sense and balanced actions in regards to any sessions.