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If you don't get a response within 48 hours from sending an email - try again or call me! I do my best to reply promptly to questions, but occasionally, emails appear to get lost in cyberspace.

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Please look through the other web pages here to answer most of the questions that people ask. Thank you from myself, my human family and my animal family as well.

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We are in New Jersey on Eastern Standard Time. Please note this when making appointments. If you use the online scheduler, it will automatically adjust for your time zone. Which is awesome.

Thanks for all you do for your animals, and know I will do the best I can to help you and your animals.

I consider this to be my life's work, and I am constantly furthering my education through classes and studying with other masters of their trade.

I have extensive training in Integrated Energy Therapy and Angel Therapy. If this type of assistance is indicated and requested, that may be part of the session or of a separate session. 

Animal communication is not a substitute for veterinary care or any other kind of professional medical care.  Part of a session may be sensing where and how an animal is feeling discomfort, and  I will let you know these impressions, but I do not diagnose or treat any kind of medical problems. Please consult with your veterinarian for any physical difficulties your animal may be experiencing.

Animal communication is not a substitute for a caring relationship, good food, clean water, exercise and appropriate behavioral training when necessary. The specific needs in these areas will vary with each individual animal, and a consultation can be helpful in determining what would be most helpful for your animal from their point of view. Together you can determine what would constitute a good plan, and where you may need other professionals' assistance.

I do not consider myself  a “psychic” and I do not predict the future, tell you what to do, tell your animal what to do, or manipulate or control anyone. I am not qualified to answer questions about medical, psychological, financial, or legal issues. Every reading is subject to your own interpretation and in no way constitutes - nor is intended to replace - medical, psychological, legal, financial, business or other professional advice. Physician/veterinary attention should be sought for people or their animals with health concerns of any kind - mental, physical or emotional.

Please exercise loving common sense and balanced actions in regards to any sessions.

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