2021 CLASSES (a whole new world!)

"Communicating with Animals and Envisioning the Future"
Hello everyone!
‚ÄčIt's time to say "heads' up" for the next online live class, starting Saturday January 16 at 10:30 am, four 2 hour classes over 4 weeks with homework in-between.
"Communicating with Animals and Envisioning the Future" is next in my online series on learning Animal Communication with your animal friends. We had a wonderful supportive, warm group of wonderful women in the first Nov-Dec class, and it became a highlight for all of us to look forward to our Saturday mornings together. We practiced ways to communicate with our animals in ways that felt better and with more awareness and understanding.
This online class will start Jan 16, and it is a stand alone class - you don't have to have attended the first class to attend and benefit from this one. Sliding scale - you decide on the energy exchange between $100 - 300 for 4 weeks of class, discussions and homework, and inclusion in our Mighty Networks group, where we all contribute thoughts and ideas, a group that also continues after class is over. 10:30-12:30 Saturday mornings.
Please let me know if you are interested - more to come on this. Stay warm in body heart and soul, and take the time to nourish who you truly are, as well as support your animals in expressing themselves.

All love,

Karen and the animals

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