2020 CLASSES (a whole new world!)

So! I have been trying to envision the best way to teach online, given the current pandemic situation.
I have so far come up with a simple format including my YouTube channel and Zoom.

The classes I'm most drawn to teach now are primarily classes on how to heal spiritually and psychically, how to find health for ourselves. While listening to science and doing what our doctors advise us to is critical, another essential part of healing that often gets overlooked, is adjusting our personal spiritual and energetic body to be able to keep our lights burning steady and bright,  reaching our best health possible.
To this end, I have extensively studied and am qualified to teach many different forms of energy healing, including Reiki all levels and Integrated Energy Therapy. I also of course have taught weekend workshops in Animal Communication, which often involves healing our relationships with our animal friends,and I am doing my best to adapt this to work online.
The General Healing class will not be any one specific method, but rather what I feel are some of the most practical and helpful methods to help bring us to full health. I have developed these methods over the years from the multitude of healing techniques available to us all. It has been of particular interest for me as I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer last December and am certain that these methods are some of the reason I am doing well now, in addition of course to standard oncological care. 
​I am trying to keep the format simple and the cost low.
My proposal is to offer a general healing class and an Animal Communication class, both online. I'd like to get some feedback to see if there is interest as well as generally what days work best for people. Please contact me via the link below to let me know what you are interested in. I am continuing to develop these ideas and hope to run a maiden voyage of the Healing class soon, within a couple months.

 Steps to Transformation
This is an Integrated Energy Therapy class, but instead of the focus being on learning how to harness angelic healing energy to help others, the focus is on getting to know and working with your own Angels for a series of 7 steps for individual self healing. The steps are Heartlink with you Angel, Activate your 12 strand DNA, Clear your Karma, Achieve True Forgiveness, Empower your Heart, Journey to a Future Lifetime and Cut the Cords that Bind you. This class is limited to 5 students and will be held online once there is enough interest. Cost (set by the Center of Light IET Base) $225
Please let me know if you are interested. Once we have enough students signed up, you will be mailed a workbook to use for class online.)

Angel classes- all in person classes at the Community School have been suspended until at least Spring of 2021

Please send me an email here, to express your interest and availability. Thank you! 

For the animals and nature, Karen

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