FULL MOON Watercolors Art Friday November 23 at 6pm
Karen and Dave's Art Show Closing. Come see the artwork of Karen and Dave Peters, a husband and wife team who both work in watercolors with very different styles. Karen's artwork has been described as playful, whimsical and  it is said that she "captures the Elan vital of each animal she portrays in a vibrant cacophony of movement and color". Dave's​ work is in brilliant landscapes and is inspired by local hills and skies. Refreshments and music! Free!

January 2019
Plant Spirit Medicine attunements.
We will be focusing on a different plant each class, learning both the natural history and how to communicate with the plant world. This is not different than animal communication and offers many gifts of healing when we connect with our green friends in this way. Come prepared to shift your way of thinking about common "weeds", trees in your backyard and even fungi growing on the woodpile. Each one has a place in the world that is vital and important, and a wisdom that is much older than the human world's ideas. Sign up here
Soon to be announced - January class dates and times

Angel Card classes in January 2019
These classes will be an opportunity to tune into your own deep wisdom using the imagery and connection to the angelic world of Angel cards. We will start out using purchased Angel Oracle cards, and if the student wishes, on the last class you will make your own deck of Angel and Spirit guidance cards. This is a fun and informative way of tapping into your own wisdom, guided by your own guardian angels and images that speak uniquely to you.  Sign up here

Available to teach - Empath online or in-person support classes
This weekly online support class is designed to help you feel more comfortable in your world and reclaim your sensitivity as the powerful gift it is.  It is being designed so people like you can not only feel more comfortable in this world energetically, but also to allow the energy of your life to move forward, helping you get out of stuck places and get your life on track again. We'll be using moving meditations, guided visualizations, vision boards, gentle yoga poses, herbs for health and breathing exercises to support you. A couple details: Classes will be once a week. Online classes will be recorded in case you can't make the meeting time. Class members will have a chance to connect with each other on a private Facebook group created just for this class and accessible only to class members. There will be "homework" to practice in-between sessions to develop new healthy energetic patterns in your life. Please email whether you are interested in online classes from anywhere in the world, or in-person classes in Stockton NJ.  In-person classes will be small, online will have much larger capacity for students and will be recorded to review as many times as needed. Email your interest here. Please include your contact information, name, address, email address, preference for online class or in-person class.

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