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What do you do when something you assumed would be super special and wonderful turns out to be not so wonderful? Having tools like Integrated Energy Therapy, Reiki and enlisting the help of Angels and Angel cards is all part of making it work. Since we can't control people and circumstances around us, we have to adjust with wisdom to what presents itself as we welcome change and direct it. Gratitude for what we have already is very important, and feelings of gratitude can become even more intense during difficult times when there is much to learn. This is a great part of moving through difficult times, realizing how much you have to be grateful for every day. I even will go so far as to say I think it's important that we all stretch our boundaries and get uncomfortable in our lives periodically. It helps bring a perspective on the rest of our life and adds value and depth into our character. The most important thing is stepping back and evaluating when things seem chaotic and out of control. From that perspective we can make intelligent and thoughtful choices in our life. Having some kind of a counselor whom you trust and who is looking out for your highest and best self is also important. Having someone who can look impartially and evaluate the overall picture of your life and your spirit and soul connection and see the way to the Future you are trying to create is important. Sometimes it just takes a nudge and sometimes we need a real road map with an outline to follow. Often we just need a tune up, a redirect and asking for some guidance from Angel Cards or from your Guardian Angels is in order.
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$75 for a half hour specialized focused-on-you consultation using angel cards, empathic resources to read your energy and help you heal.

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