About your consultation:
My goal is to help animals and their people communicate better and live more harmoniously together. Animal communication consultations are meant to bring more understanding into your relationship with your animal best friends.
Sessions are meant to give caretakers a fuller picture of the possibly multiple issues surrounding their animal, and how they might be feeling/sensing or thinking about the issues at hand. This information can often be used to help other professionals understand them as well. When you experience the joy of understanding, you may realize what you've been missing!
Please email for a phone consultation.

I accommodate requests for short term assistance whenever possible, recognizing that some issues come up quickly and need help quickly. 

If applicable, a flower essence may be suggested for you or your animal(s) some of which are made right here in NJ from organic flowers.
I use the Fairy Myst flower essences, which may also give you the benefit of the flowers and healing herbs. I have trained with the Bach Society and with California Flower Essences and truly believe in the healing powers of plants. Flower essences are 100% safe and often are very effective in the emotional and mental healing of people and animals.

Remembering our inherent connectedness, this work is meant to encourage kindness and respect among all forms of life on this planet.

Disclaimer - please read and be in harmony with it

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Click the flower to see Karen's Fairy Myst Flower Essence website and learn about her new "Jersey Girl" essences.
My recent wonderful trip to Thailand to help in my own way with abused elephants. An incredible experience!