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Some tail waggings, whinnys, and purrs about Karen's work! 
Dear Karen,
Thank you for your help with Joe, Teddy, Cutie- Patootie and Wilbur today. You've helped not only access their thoughts and concerns, but assisted me in recognizing the worry I was sending out to them and alleviating some of my concerns.
All the best, Sheila K.

Hi Karen:
The same evening that you worked on Pumpkin and Jasmine, Pumpkin came back upstairs. And, she has been with us since. She has been more relaxed, very responsive, and the 2 cats are getting along beautifully, sleeping together at times.
I have been more active making sure Pumpkin gets her food, including hand feeding her.
I feel that there has been a transformation in my home, and that the 4 of us are peacefully and lovingly living together.
I learned alot. I missed Pumpkin very much for the ten days she was in the basement. I have newfound love and respect for her, and am sure to be there whenever she wants me too, if at all possible. Because she is so easily frightened, I think that I hadn't t given her enough physical attention; always afraid that she would bolt. She is with me now as I write to you and says thank you and hello.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Warmly, Carole Z. Pumpkin and Jasmine.

I have used Karen's services on four of my cats for a number of years.  She has an amazing ability to get the personalities of all my cats and through her I can "hear" how they would talk to me if they could.  Since all of my cats have been stray or shelter cats they all had some sort of issues that I needed help with.  Molly was an 11 yr old female, caged for three years, and considered unadoptable.  Karen told me she felt abandoned, and as Karen "spoke to" her, telling her not to worry, that we loved her and that she would always have a home with us, Molly looked up at me with such love that I knew she understood.  Molly also had a terrible licking problem. She licked herself raw and needed monthly cortisone shots.  I asked Karen to ask Molly why she licks.  Molly stopped in mid-lick, and said "what problem, I don't have a problem…I don't lick."  She didn't even realize that she did it – she would go into some sort of trance.  But do you know, after that session, she stopped licking, never licked again, and never needed another cortisone shot!  In a session about three years ago, Karen gave us insight into our newly adopted feral male’s post traumatic stress syndrome. Stanley had been so frightened of everything outside that he found it very difficult to believe his good fortune in finding our safe house, and especially in trusting my husband. Our most recent session centered on Simone, a stray kitten who would terrorize Stanley.  You would think a 17 lb male cat would be able to stand up to a 7 lb female pipsqueak, but he would end up hiding most of the day and couldn't even use the litter.  We worried that Simone wouldn’t be able to stay with us. But with Karen's help we learned that when she lived outside she used bravado to try to scare other cats away from food.  Karen helped us tell her that she didn’t have anything to worry about anymore. She’d always have food and shelter. And she helped us tell Stanley to hold his ground.  After three months, they’ve learned to live together much better.  
Chizuko W.

As always, thank you Karen for making the loss of one of our herd/family an experience that I learned from.
Cynthia B.

I cannot thank you enough for helping my horse and I get back on the right track. I must admit that while I believed you could guide me and help us rebuild, I never expected to see immediate results! I was expecting instead to see minor incremental improvement but assumed we were in for the long haul before seeing true progress. It's been two days since our session and things have been perfect. My horse entered his stall like he had never had an issue. I was truly in shock, no fighting, no scramble and no stress. ... Today I cried tears of joy for the 1st time in 7 months! There has been a huge weight lifted and we are so grateful for your guidance. 
Thank you again, Gina and CB :-)

Karen, I'm in awe of your amazing gift and so thankful you shared it with my horses and me! Looking forward to chatting AGAIN!   Trish D.

Hi Karen, This is a note to publish on your website to help other make the decision to "listen to their animals." The debt my horse Barney and I owe you is indescribable. Horses are noble loyal creatures who are as strong as iron but as fragile as glass. When humans are not treating them right it seems the issues manifest from behavioral problems to depression. You have the keen ability to understand the passion a horse has for life and the natural fear it has being a prey animal. You understand that the horse is to be respected when he speaks and desperately needs to resolve fears both brought on by humans, physical pain or just plain instinct. Your respect for Barney and your patience has allowed my horse to heal from the difficulties -physical and mental- he was experiencing. Without your help my champion jumping horse would have been just been another statistic seen so often in the horse showing world. The fact that my horse and I have resolved the issues and began jumping and winning again is miraculous. When a horse starts stopping at jumps it is a long road back if they ever come back.  Your unique ability to help strengthen the trust and friendship between Barney and I was key in overcoming the obstacles the bad people in our lives put there. Today, not only are Barney and I truly a functional winning team, but there is a great love and friendship that you helped develop that no one will ever break again. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I hope all horse owners seek communication as a way to find the love their horse has for them inside and bring it out. And for the doubters out there it was downright uncanny the things Karen knew so there was no doubt she was communicating with my horse.
Thanks again, Sue L.

Dear Karen,
I want to thank you for helping me locate Sadie. You actually gave me two gifts: first of all you gave me the comfort of letting Sadie know how much we missed her and wanted to have her home, but secondly you gave me faith in our ability to communicate with animals on a deeper level. When you told me that Sadie had fallen in a wash and was badly hurt, I didn't want to believe you.  I had convinced myself that someone had picked her up and taken her home. It was easier to think that she was alright and that I might still have a chance of finding her alive and well. Even though I wouldn't allow myself to believe what you told me, I did try the exercises you gave me. Whenever I had a quiet moment I imagined a golden chord going from my heart to Sadie's heart and pulling her closer to me. When I heard my husband identifying Sadie, my heart almost popped out of my chest. Then my husband shook his head to let me know it wasn't the news I had hoped for. Sadie was found, but she was no longer alive. A hiker had spotted her back in an arroyo near our home. She had apparently fallen into a hole created by a wash and injured herself so badly that she couldn't get back out. You had told me this only two days earlier. I will never forgive myself for not finding her in time. If only I had found you sooner - in time to know where to look for sweet Sadie. My greatest comfort in the memory of our conversation when I asked you to please tell Sadie how much we love her and miss her and you told me, "Sadie knows". 
Thank you. 
Love, Amanda S. New Mexico

Dear Karen,
Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful gift. You made this difficult experience much easier and brighter for all of us - me, Potter, Bax and my husband Brian and sister Rose. You touched all of us. Please keep sharing your gift. 
Love, Margaret

Hi Karen,
Thanks again for helping me talk to my horses last November. I know this is a bit after the fact, but I thought you'd like to know the outcome for my horse Bluff, the "strong silent' one with the mysterious lameness. When he did not improve, I had him examined by a vet and the diagnosis was EPM, a serious neurological disease caused by a protozoa infection of the spinal chord. (When the vet said "all the signs point to a neurological problem, I was disappointed but not surprised.  It made sense, since you said he felt pins and needles in his leg, rather than pain).
Though the prognosis for this disease is often bad, I think we caught it fairly early before the symptoms became dangerous. I treated him with the new medication in December and January and have now resumed riding him. So far, he has been sound! I am trying not to get my hopes up yet, but he may be totally cured. I sure hope that is the case because I am very fond of him. In fact, I plan to call you soon to schedule an appointment to talk with him to find out how he feels now. 
Thanks again for your help. I look forward to talking with you soon. Mary. K. W.

Hi Karen,
You did a reading for my cat Tiger today. I did the golden chord meditation that you outlined...and while I did it I asked the angels and guides to also give my son intuition as to Tiger's whereabouts. (I had called my son and asked him to come over after work to help in the search).
Well, about 10 minutes after I did the meditation/prayer, Justin called and said...look under the recliner on the couch. Sure enough, I opened the recliner up, and there was Tiger. Alive and well!!
Thank you for the guidance and help today...Tiger would have been trapped inside the couch maybe for days. I think this whole experience reaffirms our belief in the power of prayer.
Many blessings to you
Penni H.

Dear Karen, I can't thank you enough - the peace I feel in connecting with Jewel cannot be quantified.
I finally told my mom I spoke with you - but I prefaced it by asking if she felt Jewel's loneliness any longer and she said no she hasn't. I then relayed OUR conversation.
Jewel being able to find my Dad means the world to me. Thank you, Love and Peace to you and yours, Kathy

Dear Karen,
Thank you for your facilitation of our communication session with Snake. After our session I just felt so peaceful and "ok" with sharing our outside lawn/garden area. I no longer feel fear towards her and I want to protect her. Be looking for updates! Best regards, Dorothy

Thanks again.  Five minutes after we got off the phone, Socks went into the kitchen and ate.  We couldn't get him to eat earlier, no matter what we tried.
Print out this email and keep it if doubts crop up.   I have no doubts.
I hope someday I can meet you.  I admire you and enjoy speaking with you so much.
I'll keep you up to date.

Hi Karen:
Thanks again for speaking with me, Leo, Jesse, Socks and Charlie Saturday night.  ... also a note to tell you how much I appreciate re-connecting with Charlie.  Also, I spoke with Jesse after our session and told him how beautiful he is, and not long after that, he jumped on me while I was at the computer and cuddled and purred.  That was the first time he came near me in two days.  I've been talking to him every since about how handsome he is and what a deep thinker he is, and how glad I am that he is our cat.  He rubbed against me a little yesterday and asked me to rub his tummy.  That was wonderful.
Sue G.

Karen-Thanks again for an absolutely wonderful session which has helped me tremendously in understanding my pet's needs, etc. The very next treatment & for all thereafter Tory has been very good holding his head still for the drops in his eye... 
Alerting me to the bacterial level thing going on in Pinecone's system led my vet to giving me some Clavamox (good for bacteria causing dermatological breakouts) and his "skin lesions" have healed and hopefully he will be overall improving...
PS I really "coached" a client through her dog's dying days this past week. I could not have been nearly effective with that if it wasn't for all the knowledge that you have shared with me about our critters. Keep it up - YOU'RE the BEST!

4/07 Karen I wanted to take a moment to express my sincere gratitude once again. I don't think words can convey how strongly my emotions are, and how you helped not only me, but more importantly Annie to understand what was going to happen. I believe what I did yesterday, was the hardest moment of my life. I have had to deal with many unpleasant things in my life, but that was the hardest....
Karen, you are like a St. Francis to all the animals as well as to people like me here on earth. You do so much good in the world. Without your help, I never would have been able to be as strong as I was for Annie...
I held Annie and talked to her, and because of your wisdom and strength, I was able to be strong for her. Her last words she heard was me telling her how I loved her and I stroked her head. Karen, thank you for being so kind and for being there for me in my desperate time of need...I will of course stay in touch with you, it's an honor to know someone such as yourself. Thank you again Karen, I wish I could express how deeply thankful I am to you. Love, Trish

2/07 Dear Karen, Thank you so much. I am grateful beyond words that you are always willing to share your gift with me and my animals when we need you. I'll look forward to seeing you in the spring. Best wishes always, Kathy

 Dear Karen,
Thank you for your help! I am always telling others how much you've helped me and how you can help them. Thanks again, Lisa G

Thank you so much for helping me with communicating with John and Tory. I was really struggling for any thread to hang onto John when he suddenly passed on. You provided me with some light in the vast darkness.  Jane

Dear Karen, Thanks so much for your help with Pippen. He is walking better on his foot, and has actually let me soak it in a cup of warm water with Epsom salts for up to 3 minutes!

 Thanks again for your help, Karen! The results with Meow- Meow always amaze me. Tonight he came into the living room, even though the new puppy was in there! Meow - Meow walked on the floor, and then laid down on the couch for awhile. He's making a great effort, and I let him know that I think so! Oh - he also ate some food at his typical spot in the kitchen. This is the 1st time he's spent any time downstairs since the new puppy arrived. God bless, Karen Insel

To our dog whisperer: We are being good but we miss you! Love Panda and Bailey (on a Christmas card from 2 dog friends)

"A thoughtful act or a kind word may pass in a moment, but the warmth and care behind it stay in the heart forever" Dear Karen, Thank you for your kindness and your special thoughtfulness. Thank you so much for helping Dusty and I through this "transition". You've brought peace to both of us. It is greatly appreciated. Wendy Franzonia

 Dear Karen, I can't thank you enough for calling back last night. I did some "TTouch" on Clarice's tummy and she looked so relaxed, and fell asleep. I had her wrapped in a fleece blanket so she was snuggly warm. I'll do it again tonight while watching TV but focus on her. 
You have a wonderful gift and I'm so glad I read your article in the paper. Thank you again, talk or email soon. God bless you, Sue

Dear Karen, Thank you for a great conversation with Apollo last night. Yes I do believe we are on the same page. Apollo definitely does not consider himself a pet. May this note find you happy, healthy and enjoying life, Doug Scott

 Dear Karen, Thank you so much for the reading today on Boo Boo and Lizzie. You have been such a big help and I can not thank you enough. I know you said (you were charging for) an hour, but you spent more than that and the truth is the communication is priceless!   Thank you again, you have put my heart to rest-to say nothing of the help you have been to Boo Boo and Lizzie. I'll drop a picture in the mail after my trip. God bless you! Sincerely, Todd Evans

Hi Karen,
I wanted to share something with you. Sweet Pea continues to do well, and we had an interesting experience yesterday with another of our cats.  We took our crazy guy, Moxie, to a new vet.  We had been taking him to a local vet; however, last year he intimidated the vet so successfully that he didn't get a proper exam. We have been taking all our guys to Madison Vet Hospital for years, but Mox was going more locally. Anyway, yesterday, we went to our usual vet and expected Mox to go crazy.  My husband talked it through with him the whole way there (about 30 min ride), but he didn't calm down. We probably should have had the discussion before we left. I cam in a different car and continued to talk with him once I arrived.  Anyway, by the time the vet came into the room, we had successfully gotten Mox significantly calmer telling him what was going to happen and that he would be going back home after that. We were amazed how well it went.  Considering his background of being abandoned in a park, it makes so much sense that he would be terrified when he is put in a cage and taken somewhere strange. You are a good teacher, and thank you!  S.

"Dear Karen, 
Thanks so much for helping me with my lost (animal companion)..." (This animal friend was lost for over 2 weeks, and returned home the evening after her person had a consultation with Karen.)
P.G. Pennsylvania

"Dear Karen, 
Please accept this letter of thanks!  You sure do a great job... Your animal communication verified a lot I had been feeling and just sort of helped cement things in place.
What really impressed me was your ability to really connect with my animal friends. You knew right away.... The suggestions you gave me were right on target and I'm trying to do all those wonderful things..."
P.F.  Louisiana

"Dear Karen,
Many thanks for our session with Max on 3/29. It helped immensely with a situation that was difficult for both of us. He was able to leave his body behind and know that I would be OK, and that I would still hear him, and I do.....It was a beautiful way to honor him...."
D.Z. Pennsylvania

Dear Karen, Thank you again for your time...You were a great help...There are situations concerning (the animal friend) and (his human) that you couldn't possibly have known in advance but that were expressed exactly right...
Thank you again, R.M. Philadelphia PA

Dear Karen,
Thanks so much for your time tonight.  Everyone feels better! My husband confirmed alot of what was said and I'll be working on listening to my crew!
A.L. Pennsylvania, USA

I want to thank you again for all your help with my cat Peanut. You really helped both Peanut and I through a very tough time. I did end up putting Peanut to sleep the day after I spoke to you last. It was uncanny because you had said "(quote from session)" It happened just like that. It was perfectly clear that that was the day, and I was better able to make the decision because of your reassurances. When Peanut passed, I felt her telling me it was ok, that she'd be (okay) and she was well, which helped me let go of her body. Thanks again for helping Peanut and I make this transition together! Peace, Heather

Karen, Thank you for helping me to communicate with Lucy. You gave me a lot of words and thoughts to ponder. And through your meditation suggestions, I am beginning to take steps to obtain peace. I know that where ever Lucy is, be it on this earth or in the heavens, I know she is safe in God's hands. Thanks again, Denise B

It was so good talking to you Good reading-really helped me clarify how my animals think and what Angel is feeling.  We all can't wait to bring her home and look forward to many long years with all of our animals...Again, thanks for doing the reading...Really do appreciate it.  All best wishes, Bev

Dear Karen, Thanks again, from all of us. The session was great. Mikey was heard running up and down the corridor with enthusiasm right after the phone call ended.  Thanks for being available and do your good work. R. A. O.

Karen, ...It was a really great weekend. Thank you again for spending the time with us to teach us this incredible skill. Hope to see you soon Thanks again for everything, J.H

Dear Karen, What a kind and patient person you are.  I appreciate your note and letting me speak with you on such short notice. Sometimes knowing what our "babies" are thinking just can't wait,and you were so thoughtful to help me right when we needed to make an extremely difficult decision. Thank you also for explaining things to me in greater detail for me to understand.  I hope Jesus will hold her for me until I get there. Thank you so very much. P.

Dear Karen, 
Cleo is much more relaxed, eating well, and taking good care of her kittens! I can't believe how much they've grown!
I knew that anyone Anita Curtis recommended would be an excellent communicator. But you have an even greater gift than your ability to communicate, and that is your tact and sensitivity. You explored the cause behind Cleo's hostile behavior to her kittens in depth and with kindness. This gave me a true understanding of what was going on and reassured Cleo.  It made it easy to fix the problems and Cleo and I are both so much happier now.  The point in our session when I asked you to tell Cleo that I lover her, and you said that she had heard what I said is something I will treasure forever.  I can't begin to tell you how much it meant that you could channel that to her directly from me.  Many, many thanks,  M and Cleo

Workshop improvements
Ever since I had my rat Maude (also known as "Sweetie") she has always been very frightened by other animals especially my dog and cat. On the first night of the work shop my rat had a break through. My aunt's dog Daisy came over and they both were touching noses. Ever since then, she has had no problem with my pit bull or my cat which is funny because she likes to crawl on them now. I am happy to say that she has gotten over her fear of other animals. 
Thanks Karen!
-Nettie & Maude

Peace in Passing
...I cannot thank you enough for the help and comfort you provided to me and my family at a time of need.  It meant the world to me to be able to tell Ray I loved him any way I could. Thank you....Warmly, A.L.

Dear Karen, 
We took Charlotte down to the special treatment and she was as good as gold the whole time.
This is due to your reading I'm sure! - We felt really good about the place and the lovely young woman who will care for her, and plainly so did C.  She was purring when we left! 
Thank you again so much!
Best, Anne

Our cat, Charlotte, was diagnosed with a hyper thyroid a year ago and she was put on the drug, Tapazole. She and I both hated the daily pilling this involved. After some months the pills seem to no longer work. She was getting steadily sicker and suddenly my husband and I had to educate ourselves fast! 
I read that the pills indeed can cease to work and in any case they are only a stop gap measure. The only real cure is a dose of a highly radio active shot that kills the tumor on the thyroid that is causing the problem, but doesn't hurt anything else. 
At this point I called Karen. I needed to know if Charlotte felt up to all this 
since she had been ill for a while and was very tired. I had lost two other older cats to illness the year before. I know how their sprits can dim when it gets all too much. 
But also she needed to know what would be happening during treatment. 
Karen connected with her and it was all systems go as far as Charlotte was concerned! 
She was very interested in getting well and she was calmed and prepared when Karen and I explained than even though she would receive a shot and stay away for a week, it meant no more pills and a longer life with us! A deal was struck! 
I have to say the trip and treatment went so much better than I would have expected if I hadn't asked Karen for her help. Usually Charlotte acts like it's an alien abduction when the cat carrier comes out!  But this time she went like a lamb and was calm for the long car drive to the treatment center. Both my husband and I were amazed! At the center, she was fine and when we got the daily updates, all was well. Within fives days she was home. Today Charlotte  is doing splendidly   and I can't thank Karen enough for her great work. I know it was vital that  Charlotte  be aware of what we were doing so she could save her strength for healing instead of upset and worry. 
Our next concern was that we noticed Charlotte not eating. We had been told that for about two weeks after the procedure, while the thyroid and body readjusted themselves, a cat's appetite can be affected. In short, Charlotte needed to be reminded to eat! This was even more important than usual because her weight had been dropping while she was ill. She couldn't lose more now. I called in Karen once again to get the please get message across and I have to say from that day on Charlotte's turn around really began. 
We were amazed at the difference in her attitude. 
Today Charlotte is doing splendidly   and we can't thank Karen enough for her great work. 
I know it was vital that Charlotte be aware of what we were doing so she could save her strength for healing instead of upset and worry.  I urge anyone with an animal friend faced with a big event such as illness, moving or loss, to talk it over with their friend though a communicator such as Karen. 
It made all the difference to us! 
Thank you Karen!! You're the best! 

Annie Lloyd 




Karen spent 2 sessions with our 3 year old labradoodle.  She observed him in our home and asked many questions.  I had taken my dog to two series of obedience classes and worked with two trainers individually.  Although my dog is mostly well behaved, there were still some sticky issues – persistence in jumping on my daughter’s friends (age 8 & 9) and stealing towels and stuff from the house in order to initiate his idea of ‘fun and play’.  Karen assessed the situation quickly and with some obedience work and an animal communication session we have seen almost a complete turn around.  On subsequent play-dates, since Karen worked with DJ, he has not jumped– something he did almost religiously.  Karen gave me many pointers and helped me to understand my dog’s personality and how he meshed with our household.  

Also, Karen worked with our 15 year old Quaker parrot.  Life had changed for him drastically once my daughter was born and our dog came into the household.  He wasn’t very happy.  Karen helped us communicate with one another and as a result, I have been able to make some changes which I believe have substantially improved the quality of my parrot’s life and certainly improved my family’s enjoyment of him.  We have re-connected as a result of our work with Karen.

I wholeheartedly endorse Karen’s work. She is very talented.
Dorry Bless

Hello Karen,

I wanted to thank you for your help once again with Osirus. He is at home again and doing well. Playing, and being hyper affectionate, but I'm not complaining at all! I've been much calmer around him about the whole situation, and I know he can feel this. Athena, Osirus and I have been having a good time and being silly with each other. lol

Your insight helped me to process this so much quicker and even though I know, when the time does come, I will have to go through another process, it eases the transition so much more and makes it so that I can celebrate more then mourn him. It was very nice to work and speak with you and continued blessings in the future!

In Light,

Dear Karen, What a kind and patient person you are.  I appreciate your note and letting me speak with you on such short notice. Sometimes knowing what our "babies" are thinking just can't wait,and you were so thoughtful to help me right when we needed to make an extremely difficult decision. Thank you also for explaining things to me in greater detail for me to understand.  I hope Jesus will hold her for me until I get there. Thank you so very much. P.

"Dear Karen,
Thank you for facilitating communication between (my animal friend) and I.  We have both been at peace since your session with us....It became clear through your intercession... Now we are both calmer, having communicated our feelings to each other with your help. We are again enjoying the gentle loving relationship we used to have before he became ill... We are continuing to treat each other with respect and affection and we both thank you for being instrumental to our mutual understanding of each other's wishes and desires."
G.M. Pennsylvania

Thank you Karen, for your on the spot Saturday Holiday weekend, end of life reading for me and my much missed cat Caliban. I am very grateful for your time and support. Thanks for being available in my time of need. You're in my thoughts today, Joanna C.

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