So, you ask, what does she mean by "Animal Communication"? 
Each one of us has the ability to hear what our animal friends are thinking, when they are talking and we are listening. And vice-versa. It is an ability we share, a way of communicating with each other, that began back when we did, before we had verbal language. It utilizes the inherent telepathic abiltiy we are all born with, some having this ability more developed than others.  It is based on joy and the oneness of all life. It does not ever exert control one over another.  It is not fortune telling, and it is a holy and sacred thing to honor another being by communicating from the heart in this way. It is part of the what happens when ever beings who love and appreciate one another pay attention and do their best to understand each other.
Think of the times you knew when your animal friend was hungry, wanted to play, was glad to see you (you know, they are much more expressive and clear in their communications than many of our human companions!) or wanted to go outside to relieve themselves.

Animal Communication is a way to converse with another beingAs in any conversation with a human being, each party says and does what she or he wants to. Just because we have discovered that we can talk to/listen to our animal friends, doesn't mean that these beings will necessarily "do" anything differently. But they often will try to just because they love us.  In other words, just because we ask them to do something doesn't mean they will.  It would be like me walking up to you and saying "Excuse me, your partner would like you to stop squeezing the toothpaste from the topside. Could you squeeze it from the bottom only, every time now?"  You may or may not do it because you have free will in your life (so do they), but most likely you will try because you love them and want harmony(most of the time). So do they.  (Unless there are other issues at hand, which is also what we will be asking about and finding out!) 

Animal Communication is a very positive, uplifting exchange between all involved. It flows most smoothly if you temporarily suspend doubts you might have and open yourself to the possibility. While it is fine and healthy to be skeptical and ask questions, if you make a decision to try this and temporarily suspend criticism , it can make for a more satisfying experience for you and your animal(s).

As a general rule, creatures of all species are thrilled that we are trying to communicate with them, either directly or through an Animal Communicator, and usually respond with love, enthusiasm and joy!  

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